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Liz Alpert
Painter/Healer/Jewelry Designer

“Follow your Bliss”
-Joseph Campbell

Art is passion and spirit translated into form.

As a child, I was mesmerized with the act of creation. Sculpture, painting and jewelry all began before the age of 6.

My journey as a painter began in 5th grade when I took a summer course at The DeCordova Museum School. The painting we had for an assignment was to reproduce a Russian Icon and it was so memorable I still have it in my studio. However, as we grow up often things distract us from our inner calling. That first painting at the age of 10 was also to be my last for the rest of my youth.

Finally while attending Colby College in Waterville, Maine I had the chance to study painting for a month with a visiting artist. I felt the reemergence of my passion. Next, I studied art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico one summer while still in college. It was there that I met my first mentor, Clarence Hagins, who believed in my future as an artist. I was fortunate to share an apartment with a fellow art student in the same building as Clarence, a working painter and retired Professor of Painting from the highly acclaimed Museum School of Boston. After we met, Clarence saw some of my creations done in San Miguel and convinced me I had what it takes to be an artist. This encouragement never left me.

Upon graduating from Colby with a BA in Art History, I knew I would one day be a painter! First however, I planned on a business as a designer. After attending The Art Institute of Boston, I became an award winning graphic designer my first year.

Interrupted by a major skiing injury a few years later, I awakened to my path as a healer; to first heal myself and then to help others. Over the next several years I studied many healing modalities, taught Reiki and acquired several healing technologies. This training and experience manifested in healing jewelry as well as being active as a healing practitioner for the next 15 years.

My return to fine art as a painter is very recent. That day finally arrived in late 2017 when a painter friend invited me to paint with her. That’s all it took and I was finally ready to live my dream of committing to life as a painter. I have since painted approximately 100 canvases. I began painting landscapes which are an obvious choice living in the magical land of Sedona.

Shortly after I began painting, I suddenly found out I had to move which led me to start painting portraits at The Sedona Art Center. This opened up an unexpected direction! Recently, I began painting nudes in continuing the work with the figure. Landscapes will always be a passion.  After painting for just one year, I’ve been invited to have my first solo exhibition in Sedona at The Raymond Rodriguez Salon. Following this, in October, 2019, I exhibited at Art Shopping in Paris at The Carrousel du Louvre. In August 2020, the cover story of Sedona's Arts and Entertainment paper, Kudos, featured my latest portrait project.  


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